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The Trailer

Missing the Big Picture

Missing the Big Picture

Missing the Big Picture is a short animated film by director Jim Merchant which is being produced in a black & white film noir style.  The film shows an aging police detective named Snyder and his opponent, a master thief named Bergen whom he has been pursuing unsuccessfully for years both in real life and in their regular game of chess.

Production began on the film in the spring of 2010.  After a couple of months the project had to be set aside for a full year.  Production resumed in the summer of 2011 and should be completed in early 2012.

The film was built around the idea of creating a CG movie with a classic film noir look, while working (mostly) within the confines of the commercially available 3d models available for the program Poser.  The animation would also be rendered entirely within Poser.  The film was to be a quick production of around two months, but grew in complexity during those first months into a film that will have taken nine months, the help of a number of other creative people and countless hours of rendering to complete.

April 2012 Update

Well, my slow winter season wasn't as slow as I thought it would be at Pirates Lane Video, so the animation was not finished.  What this means is that the film will have to wait until the winter of 2012/2013 for completion.  The target date is now May of 2013 for the final cut.

Cast and Crew

Writer & Direc...
Ed Khoo
Voice - Det. Snyde...
Brian Post
Voice - Bergen Vo...
Writer Back in Ju...
Voice - Officer A...


Total Production Images Generated - 71,000+

Finished Frames of Film - 7065

Shots Completed - 27

Remaining Shots - 22

The opening shot of the film involved rendering 3,626 images in poser to create 759 frames of film.